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Vanessa Del Tin, Married on 11/08/2018  

  The perfect day!

We found Nestleton Waters Inn on Wedding  Wire and had the best experience. Everyone we talked to/ helped us make  our day perfect was absolutely amazing. The venue was nothing short of  amazing, everything we wanted!! We would definitely recommend to anyone  who asks.                            


We happily  tied the knot at Nestleton Waters Inn a few weeks ago. We had heard  about Nestleton's amazing reputation, but when we actually went through  the process from our first visit, to signing the agreement to overall  planning the wedding to the day-of coordination, they FAR exceeded our  expectations. They are an incredible group of people to work with,  including all of their recommended vendors. You can see that each and  every one of them really care about your wedding and go above and beyond  to make you feel special. Helen, the coordinator and her assistants,  Chef Moss and his team, the staff, Deborah and the family .... they each  put everything they have into making your day the most spectacular day,  ever!



At SMP we are absolute wedding fanatics, which means we think about  beautiful weddings...well...all. the. time. Even in our sleep! And this  wedding is a dreamer's paradise, literally! A dreamy white tent with a  pillowed vaulted ceiling and a soft pink color palette combine to make  this wedding feel like a fantasy come true..."From the Bride... Whenever I envisioned my wedding it always  involved a luxurious, white, outdoor tent, so the second Paulo and I  began planning our wedding I immediately started my search... It was tough... until I came upon Nestleton Water Inn. It was absolutely perfect. From  the pillowed ceiling with chandeliers, to it being situated on an  "island" on a beautiful pond in the middle of 93 acres of land, I had  found the perfect setting."


Just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the wonderful  stay at Nestleton Waters Inn.  We went expecting a nice dinner and a  cozy sleep - but it was so much more than that.  We LOVED the dinner  date.  The food was extraordinary, and we really loved the experience  that Chef Moss offered.  Learning about the ingredients and how his  creations came to be, was truly fascinating, and really added to the  overall appreciation for the meal.  Chef Moss is extremely charismatic  and really kept us all engaged and interested.   We loved our stay in the Mapenzi suite - very  cozy and comfortable.  Roxanne was so kind and accommodating, and really  helped us to feel at home during our stay.

It's unbelievable  that we hadn't heard of this place....and almost want to keep it that  way so it can be OUR best kept secret for a nice meal out, and a great  getaway!  


Two co-workers and I ended up on a last minute trip to Mosport for work  (coming in from California and Wisconsin). They were SO helpful with everything and were around just  when we needed them. Each of the rooms has a theme. We ended up in the  Italian, Swahili, and German suites. The decor is beautiful. Each had  its own 2-person jetted tub (the jets were getting fixed in the one, but  the other two rooms were fine - to hell with "2 person," I had that tub  all to myself and it was WONDEFUL) and honestly, each bathroom was  amazing. They also have some rooms (this  place would make for an amazing work retreat) and frequently host  weddings. Setup was happening for a wedding when we were there and all I  can say is - WOW. You would certainly have a beautiful wedding day at  the Nestleton Waters Inn!!


Sometimes you visit a hotel that you just want to shout about  and tell the whole world to come and visit, and all the more so when you  find out that this once privately owned family bungalow, set on 93  acres of land has turned been into this stunning B&B by the bare  hands of the father and son who run the hotel – a true labour of love.  As I arrive I have the pick of all the rooms as the big wedding tomorrow  means all the rooms tonight are free (lucky me!) but it is such a hard  choice to make with all the beautifully appointed, individually  decorated rooms.  I opted for the  Morgandy Suite on the second floor – Morgandy is Celtic for “Little one  from the edge of the sea” – and I felt very much at home in this  gorgeous queen size suite, it overlooks the fountain at the front and  has a cute heart shaped tub. I must admit the tub did swing it for me,  what can I say; I’m a hearts and flowers kind of girl!