..."The Sound of rustling leaves or wind in trees"

Forest Bathing

2012 photo of couple walking under trees at Nestleton Waters Inn

Nestleton Waters Inn guests enjoy walks under the tree canopy around our pond, and also through the woods to our fields. What incredible beautiful healing nature God has given us! "Shinrin-yoku ... means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or  "forest bathing."Developed in Japan... (it) has  become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing." Scientifically proven benefits include reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, increased energy, and improved sleep. 21 minutes from the inn are 7km of sustainable trails at Durham East Cross Forest. There's "excellent hiking, bird watching, bicycling, horseback riding,  cross-country skiing, and snowmobile access for Ontario Federation of  Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) members...sugar maple forests, pine plantations, open meadows, and sand barrens.  You can spot many unique species of birds, such as Wood Thrush, Canada  Warbler, Northern Flicker, and the Savannah Sparrow."

Bird Watching

‘Father Goose’ Bill Lishman loved to fly with the birds

Scugog's famous Bill Lishman, artist, inventor and visionary, is "the first human to lead birds in the air and lead birds on their first migration with an ultralight aircraft."

Our farm's wooded areas and fields make a wonderful habitat for birds. Guests love getting listening to bird songs, taking photos, watching hummingbirds flit around sipping flower nectar, or watching ducks, geese, and heron swimming and fishing in the pond. Scugog's birds include:

Fishing Buddies


It's not uncommon to see Great Blue Heron fishing around our pond. Although they typically hunt alone, one year inn guests were surprised by a visitor! While fishing on a break from business meetings, a Great Blue Heron boldly walked around the pond and perched adjacent to get in on some of the fish action! (Photo by Deborah. See the blue heron far right.)

The Ministry of Natural Resources has info about fishing license requirements.

Pick up bait and tackle on the way to inn at Causeway Live Bait: 2080 King's Highway 7A Port Perry, ON L9L 1B4

Phone: 905-985-0707

Kawartha Conservation Authority explains that native plants provide important wildlife habitat. In fact "shoreline property owners may be eligible to receive a matching  contribution of native plants through Kawartha Conservation, up to $200,  for shoreline naturalization."

Beaver Visit


Inn guests got a cheeky visit by this inn guest captured on camera by Deborah. "Canada's national emblem, the beaver, is so much more than a face on our nickel...(it's) responsible for creating vital wetlands that  support almost half of the species on Earth... 50% of North  America’s threatened or endangered species rely on beaver wetlands for  survival...Beavers are hardworking, family-oriented animals who are often  referred to as “nature’s engineers”. They live in monogamous pairs, with  their kits (babies) and yearlings. Both adults take an active role in  raising their young and as a group, they all live in a lodge."

Turtle Cuddle


See how to spot Ontario's 8 turtle species! You'll see turtles happily nesting at Nestleton Waters Inn. (Photo by Deborah). We welcome the turtles to safely lay eggs here. In fact "The Township of Scugog is excited to introduce Smiley the Turtle the  new Scugog mascot. ‘Smiley’ has been adopted as the new Scugog mascot to  welcome residents and visitors,,. Smiley is an  Emydoidea blandingii ‘smiling’ Turtle and can be commonly found in our  area as it is native to Scugog. The ‘smiling’ Turtle is a species that  is at risk" Snapping Turtle Hunt now banned in Ontario.

Bee Bold


We love our bees (Photo by Deborah) Why not buzz by Port Perry's Durham Honey? Learn about the value of bees and buy some fab bee stuff!

Did you know only two kinds of bees (Honey Bees and Bumble Bees) are  social, living together in a communal hive? ...Females live together in a hive, but rather than creating honeycombs,  they make wax honey “pots.” If you look inside a Bumble Bee nest, you’ll  find little wax “barrels” full of honey. Sometimes our Executive Chef will have distinctive menus featuring locally sourced honey.

Nestleton Waters Inn - Garden Goodness

Our Country Store Preserves


We pick Nestleton Waters Inn wild grapes that grow at the inn as well as source other fresh ingredients to make our grape jelly and other preserves, pickles, chutneys, jams and jellies sold in our country store. You can also take farm goodness home by visiting our Port Perry Farmer's Market!

Our Own Gardens


Inn Owner Erik has tried to keep his Dad Harry's vegetable garden legacy going. Last season Chef Moss was able to use inn-grown ingredients like our tomatoes for pasta sauce, parsley and other herbs for garnish, and so on. Freshly grown vegetables smell so good...

Local Partner Hanks Pastries

Hanks Pastries

We have a wonderful partnership with Hank's Pastries a local family bakery for 50 years, who make assorted fresh baked rolls for Nestleton Waters Inn when we host groups in our marquis. They are soft and delicious! mmmm

Our Fields with Youngfield Farms


We are very proud to have the Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence winners Youngfield Farms Ivan & Brian De Jong as our farming partners at Nestleton Waters Inn. "Ivan and Brian... turned tillage on its ear! ...developed Canada's first vertical tillage tool, which allows for multi-year corn production on a sustainable level. Using yield mapping to monitor the impact of vertical tillage on multi-year corn fields, the De Jongs have recorded an increase in yields while                realizing a 90 per cent reduction in fuel costs."

Partner Yellowlees Family Farm


Another Premier's Award Winning partnership is Nestleton's Yellowlees Family Farm. They offer 

Pork & Lamb – Cuts & Custom Orders, Sausages, Meat Buns & Pies, even wild bird feed!

The Yellowlees created a kind of lamb in a pastry blanket.  It is currently sold at the Port Perry Farmers’ Market, at local events and through the Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association. 

Local Partner Trading Post

Trading Post

We don't use frozen meats just fresh and one of our favorite local places to buy is Trading Post. Trading Post Quality Foods is a unique country store located on the  outskirts of Port Perry & Lake Scugog. owned & operated by James  & Lori Cannon. You really should check out this great local shopping experience! We have many more incredible local food partners too! xoxo